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4 Hoses and Sprinklers to keep your Yard Green and Healthy

Some people do not have to constantly water their yards to keep it looking nice and green. Most people aren’t so lucky. Are you one of those people?

Do you still have that 15 year old hose in your backyard that constantly leaks? Time for an upgrade. Here are eight products to help your yard looking it’s best.

1) Gilmour 10-58100 8-ply Flexogen Hose

The Gilmour Flexogen hose comes in a variety of lengths, ranging from 25 feet to as long as 100 feet. The price ranges from approximately $18 to $40. Built to withstand extreme temperatures, the hose is flexible even at sub-zero temps. Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime-replacement guarantee.

2) GARDENA 1973 Aquazoom 2700-Square Foot Oscillating Sprinkler

The Gardena 1973 Aquazoom 2,700-square foot oscillating sprinkler comes with an adjustable width of spray ranging from 12 to 46 feet, and an adjustable length of spray from 23 to 59 feet. Included is a 12 month warranty on parts and labor.

3) Dramm 12704 Revolver 9-Pattern Premium Garden Hose Nozzle, Green

The Dramm 12704 Revolver offers nine spray patterns that will help you utilize your hose for a wide range of uses. Priced at approximately $12, you also receive the a lifetime guarentee and can choose from any of the six colors that are offered.

4) Orbit 62001 Lawn and Garden Digital Watering Timer

Many cities place limits on when you can water your lawn. Where I live, you can only do it every other day and only during certain hours. Take some of the hassle out of the process with this programmable hose timer that costs less than $40.

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