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Hoop it up

A basketball hoop can provide hours of entertainment for a relatively low price. That’s why today I am recommending the Lifetime complete portable basketball system, complete with the shatter guard backboard. The cost? Just $191.99. This hoop comes with a lifetime warranty (as described in the purchase), and has been a reliable brand for many years.

If you have more money to invest in a hoop, the Goalrilla GLR GS 54 Basketball System is the way to go. I have a neighbor whose family is very into basketball and invested in a Goalrilla. They are incredibly happy with the purchase and have spent countless hours using it. The cost will be close to $1,000, so you may want to go with the Lifetime hoop and spend the difference elsewhere if you are unsure of whether you will use the hoop enough to justify the $1k price tag.

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