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$8,000 television? Believe it.

Okay I know there is likely very few people that could justify this purchase. If you could, though, it would instantly make your house pretty awesome.

I’m talking about the approximately $8,000+ HD LCD Outdoor Television – 55″ – Frontgate. What struck me most about this television is that it can function safely in temperatures from -24°F to 122°F. Incredible! You also get a water-resistant remote, dust cover, and wall mount. I would have a pair of these tvs…if I had unlimited funds.

I know what you are probably thinking, is there a cheaper option? Well, yes there is a cheaper option…but not much cheaper. The ~$5,500 Sunbrite 55″ Class 1080p LCD All-Weather Outdoor TV (Pro Line) offers a somewhat cheaper alternative if you really want an outdoor television. You might be surprised to hear that this tv can function in up to -40°F weather. It includes anti-reflective protective glass that reduces glare.

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