5 Things Your Office Needs

If you don’t have one of these five things, your office needs it. Today. Now. Put off everything until you have it ordered. Make it two day express shipping, these things can’t wait.

1) Shredder

This is something I DON’T have but desperately need. I bet 9 out of 10 of us (or more) have saved way more documents than we need. That being said, it’s time to clean house. But don’t just toss those old bank statements in the trash! Shredding is the only way to safely discard those sensitive documents. For this I recommend the Fellowes Powershred W-11C 11 sheet cross-cut shredder. At $64, this shredder is perfect for a home office and is capable of shredding staples, credit cards, and paper clips.

2) Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are perfect for notes, coupons, calendars, and anything else you want to tack on. This 36 x 24 bulletin board may be a bit large for some of you, but even if you don’t have a lot to tack on now it provides space for future use. Unless you’re a hoarder, in which case I encourage you to get a smaller one so that you are forced to clear off the old stuff every once in a while πŸ˜‰

3) White Board

If you are anything like me, you write down a lot of notes, have daily “to do” lists (for multiple things: home, work, etc.), and write down a lot of information on a daily basis. Dry erase boards can help you keep notes, put your thoughts into writing/drawing, and also give you an excuse to get those smelly markers. The one below is 36×24 and priced at approximately $47.

4) Desk Lamp

I hate nothing more (my wife will second this) than a room with crappy lighting. Of course, expensive lamps aren’t always in the budget but if I could buy any desk lamp there is no doubt it would be the Softech-natural light LED Multi-function lamp. This thing is incredible! It has four “light spectrum” modes with four different brightness levels within each mode. Even at $150, this lamp is a good value.

and just for fun…

5) Speakers!

Okay this isn’t something you “need,” but it’s incredible how high of quality speakers you can get these days for such low prices. At just $45, the Logitech Z313 speaker system is a steal. With 100 5-star reviews on Amazon (out of 222), subwoofer included, and control pod allowing you to easily adjust the volume and plug in your headphones with ease, this sound system is well worth the investment.

And with that we wrap up office week! You can be sure we will revisit the office at some time in the future, because there is just too much you can do with the space to cover in just one week.

Leave a comment below of something you think everyone needs in their office

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Office Week: Shelving

Okay so you have your desk, chair, and (maybe) even organized your stuff, so what else do you need? Well now you need a place for all those books you’ve collected over the years, and not to mention those pics of your fam (perhaps your pets as well?). The solution: Shelves.

First we have the Tvilum Dylan Bookcase. This shelf is affordable at $89, and has a ton of space. Based on the reviews, it is comparable (if not, better) than an Ikea bookshelf and takes about 40 minutes to put together.

If you are looking for something a little more upscale, look no further than the DaVinci Roxanne Bookcase. At $229 it will run you a little more than some other options, but still looks more expensive than it is. The bottom drawer is nice additional storage.

Finally, here is a more contemporary option, the 5-tier ladder book shelf. At just $58, this is another inexpensive option that will give you space for your books, cds, and anything else you want to display.

And there you have it, three different options, three different styles. Tomorrow we will conclude Office Week with some final things that will help round out your office.

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Office Week: Get Organized

Day 3 of Office Week and what I have for you today is a few things that should help you get all that crap on your desk organized. Nothing screams “my office sucks!” like a desk with a bunch of file folders piled a mile high.

Let’s get to it!

First, if you are going for a classic look and feel to your office, nothing exhibits that style like these two items:

The Rolodex 81767 Mahogany wood & black faux leather desk director is a classy way to organize those pens, papers, envelopes, and whatever else is sitting on your desk. At under $30, this organizer looks like it should be more like $50. Highly recommended if you are going for that classy look.

Don’t stop there! Add the Majestic Goods Office Supply Leather Desk Set, Brown (W940) to really make your desk stand out. This set contains a paper tray, letter opener, picture frame, blotter, pen stand, pencil holder, calendar holder, and a memo holder. Between this set and the faux leather desk director, your desk will be undeniably classic.

Okay so you aren’t a fan of the classic look? Here’s some alternatives:

The Rolodex supplies caddy (1746466) is just $15 and will hold all your notes, writing utensils, paper clips, and other small office supplies.

I have a file folder for just about everything, and I don’t feel bad about it either! But when those file folders and papers in the “to sort” stack start piling up all over (and around) your desk, it can get pretty dang annoying. When you are trying to focus and get things done, nothing is more distracting than a mess of papers, documents, and bills that start stacking up. Well here is your solution: the Safco mesh desk organizer has two horizontal sections at the bottom and six up top to give you all the organization space you need (and if not, buy two!).

That’s it for today, hope these suggestions were useful and lead to a cleaner and more organized office πŸ˜‰

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Office Week: Desks

Yesterday we covered seating and today we cover another basic of the home office: the desk. Today I have three options picked out. As you may already know, there are literally thousands of desks available. I am certain that I will return to this topic again in the future, and show a different style or brand. But for today, I have three beautiful desks that will work for any home office.

First I have the Sauder Shoal Creek Executive Desk in Jamocha Wood. This desk is a classy desk with plenty of storage space. It’s more of a “classic” look in my opinion than the more open contemporary desks that you might see. If this is your style, it will cost you less than you think: just $320. Looks more expensive than it is, though keep in mind it is a heavy desk and takes quite a bit of time to put together.

Next is a sleek contemporary desk, the Calico Designs Monterey Ls Corner. If you are going for a contemporary theme, this desk may be for you. This desk is really a corner desk, though, as you can see below, it can be positioned otherwise in the room. There is less space for things on the desk, and no drawers. Then again, who needs a ton of physical storage space when you have a laptop and tablet??? πŸ˜‰

Okay, the last is a bit of a compromise between the above two. The Bush Signature Cabot 60-Inch Corner Computer Desk has storage but has neither the super classic look nor the contemporary. If you want a desk that is affordable, neutral, and functional this desk is a great choice.

There you have it, 3 desks to get you thinking about what style you want. Remember, the desk can define your office or (as with the third option) it can be a neutral piece of furniture. Choose carefully!

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Office Week: Seating

Welcome to Office Week! This week we will go through various essentials for a great home office. Today we start with the office chair.

Having a comfortable chair for your home office is absolutely essential. Who wants to sit at a desk with an uncomfortable chair? You can deal with not having enough desk space, too small a room, etc. but if you have a crappy chair on top of it I can guarantee you won’t want to spend time in your office, and the time you do spend will be painful.

The safe bet is the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair. This chair has all the basics you would expect in a leather office chair, and is affordable at approximately $150. Highly rated and recommended on Amazon, you will also enjoy the free super saver shipping.

If you are a little more adventurous and the thought of a typical leather office chair seems dull and lacking creativity, the Boss B6888-BK Multi-Function Mesh Chair might be for you. At about $330, this fabric office chair will run you more than twice as much as the leather chair. The look is more modern and there are more ways to adjust the chair, such as the ability to slide the seat and in turn adjust the seat length.

While an office chair is an essential part of your home office, if you really want an office you will need additional seating. That is why I recommend this Office Star sofa couch with cherry finish legs in black leather. A nice, clean, modern couch can really put your office over the edge in terms of creating an environment where you can both get things done and relax when needed.

Now that we have the seating covered, tomorrow we will look at another essential of any office: desk space.

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Saturday Links

Happy Saturday! Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend, I know I am despite the rainy weather we are experiencing here in Minnesota. Just wanted to share a few links for your viewing pleasure:

HGTV has a nice collection of photos of Dream Decks and Patios. Find inspiration to make your deck and backyard awesome.

DIY Network is giving away $50,000 to one lucky person to create the backyard of their dreams.

Last but not least…

Check out WSJ’s Private Property report, highlighting two homes in Naples, Florida that recently sold for over $40 million each.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Next week we will move back indoors as we highlight products and ideas to make your office the most awesome room in the house.

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One for the kids: 15 ft. Zupapa Trampoline

Over the past week we have been adding more and more to your outdoor entertainment empire, and today we have an absolutely essential piece to any great backyard: the Zupapa 15′ ft. trampoline with net enclosure and free safety pad/ladder combo!

If you have kids, a trampoline is an absolute must. The more “toys” you can have in the backyard, the easier it is to get kids off the couch and away from the tv and video games. If you plan on using this trampoline for 5-10+ years, it’s easy to justify the $529.99 price tag.

The only thing that looks like a pain is the setup. If you do end up purchasing this trampoline (or any trampoline) I do not envy you for having to deal with the setup, though I do envy you for having a trampoline, of course πŸ˜‰

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A little outdoor ping pong?

Now that you are all set up with your bonfire pit and outdoor furniture, why not add a fun game to your outdoor setup? I’ve got just the thing with the Stiga Baja Climate Series outdoor table tennis table. At about $800 this table is a reasonable price for a sturdy ping pong table built for the outdoors.

While I have some friends who just stick their indoor table outside during the summer, exposing it to the elements can easily damage an indoor table. The build of outdoor tables are made specifically to stand up to the weather, whatever climate you may live in. Ping pong is fine inside but nothing compares to playing outside on a warm summer evening.

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Premium Outdoor Furniture

Continuing our theme of enjoying the outdoors (and of course, making your house awesome) I just had to write a post about the Ohana outdoor wicker sofa/sectional furniture set. This is an 8 piece set that comes with a “free” cover. At $1,799 The price isn’t for the faint of heart, but on the bright side this is apparently a markdown from almost $4k.

Most will agree that this furniture set is beautiful, but other pros include the lightweight aluminum frame and the many different configurations you can make out of the 8 pieces.

Delivery within 2 to 3 weeks, so plan ahead if you want to take full advantage this summer.

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Hoop it up

A basketball hoop can provide hours of entertainment for a relatively low price. That’s why today I am recommending the Lifetime complete portable basketball system, complete with the shatter guard backboard. The cost? Just $191.99. This hoop comes with a lifetime warranty (as described in the purchase), and has been a reliable brand for many years.

If you have more money to invest in a hoop, the Goalrilla GLR GS 54 Basketball System is the way to go. I have a neighbor whose family is very into basketball and invested in a Goalrilla. They are incredibly happy with the purchase and have spent countless hours using it. The cost will be close to $1,000, so you may want to go with the Lifetime hoop and spend the difference elsewhere if you are unsure of whether you will use the hoop enough to justify the $1k price tag.

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