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3 Lawn Mowers under $200

Happy Friday everyone!

Today we are continuing our focus on the great outdoors and all the great things you can buy to make your yard work just a little easier.

The topic today: Lawn Mowers.

There are plenty of expensive lawn mowers on the market, but why spend $400 plus on a fancy mower when you can get one for less than $200 that gets the job done? So today I have for you three lawn mowers under $200 that are highly rated by reviewers.

1) Black & Decker MM1800 18-Inch 12 amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

The Black & Decker M18000 is a corded electric lawn mower with a 12 amp motor that produces zero emissions. It comes with a 2 year limited warranty and includes a rear bag and mulch plug. It weighs 46 pounds and has an 18-inch deck size. Most important, though, is that it costs just $179.

2) Yard Machines 11A-B04E000 21-Inch 158cc Briggs & Stratton Mulch/Side Discharge Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower with High Rear Wheels

With a 21-inch deck size, the Yard Machines 11A-B04E000 covers a little more ground than the Black & Decker M18000. It also is a gas mower, compared to the electric M18000. The high rear wheels help navigate difficult terrain. The engine is a Briggs & Stratton 500.

One drawback is that this mower is non-CARB compliant, and therefore not for sale in California.

3) Earthwise 50018 18-Inch 12 Amp Electric Side Discharge/Mulching Lawn Mower

Lastly, we have another 18-inch, 12 amp electric mower. The Earthwise 50018 comes with a 2 year limited warranty, and has a mulch and side discharge, whichever you prefer.

This mower is incredibly similar to the Black & Decker M18000, though it does have hand tighten assembly with no tools required.

Take your pick, all three of these mowers get the job done at a great price.

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Easy Yard Clean Up: 3 Leaf Blowers to consider

With Spring in full force (and summer quickly approaching) there are two words that people dread: yard work.

Not all yard work has to be a pain in the you know what. Life can be made much easier with some of the tools that are now on the market. Today I have three leaf blowers that can save you time and keep you sane with constant outdoor maintenance demands.

1) Toro 51585 Power Sweep 7 amp 2-Speed Electric Blower

If you are looking for an inexpensive leaf blower that still gets the job done, the Toro 51585 Power Sweep is an ideal candidate. Listed at just $35, the 51585 has 2-speed air control (130 mph and 160 mph), weighs about four and a half pounds, and includes a two year warranty.

2) Troy-Bilt TB2BP 25cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered 150 MPH Back Pack Blower

If you are looking for something more heavy-duty, the Troy-Bilt TB2BP is a good option. The 2-stroke engine requires an oil and gas mix, utilizes new padded harness technology, and has a spring assist starting system. List price is approximately $170, and included is a two year warranty. An important side note is that this leaf blower is not for sale in California, as it is not CARB compliant.

3) Husqvarna 356BT 51.7cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered 177 MPH Quiet Back Pack Blower (CARB Compliant)

Last is the $480 Husqvarna 356BT 51.7cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Blower. Unlike the Troy-Bilt TB2BP, this blower is CARB compliant. This blower boasts low noise technology that is “a revolutionary new concept for blowers.” Decibel rating for the Husqvarna 356BT is as low as 64, and has a tube-mounted throttle control. If you spend a lot of time doing yard work, this is the ideal blower.

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$8,000 television? Believe it.

Okay I know there is likely very few people that could justify this purchase. If you could, though, it would instantly make your house pretty awesome.

I’m talking about the approximately $8,000+ HD LCD Outdoor Television – 55″ – Frontgate. What struck me most about this television is that it can function safely in temperatures from -24°F to 122°F. Incredible! You also get a water-resistant remote, dust cover, and wall mount. I would have a pair of these tvs…if I had unlimited funds.

I know what you are probably thinking, is there a cheaper option? Well, yes there is a cheaper option…but not much cheaper. The ~$5,500 Sunbrite 55″ Class 1080p LCD All-Weather Outdoor TV (Pro Line) offers a somewhat cheaper alternative if you really want an outdoor television. You might be surprised to hear that this tv can function in up to -40°F weather. It includes anti-reflective protective glass that reduces glare.

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4 Hoses and Sprinklers to keep your Yard Green and Healthy

Some people do not have to constantly water their yards to keep it looking nice and green. Most people aren’t so lucky. Are you one of those people?

Do you still have that 15 year old hose in your backyard that constantly leaks? Time for an upgrade. Here are eight products to help your yard looking it’s best.

1) Gilmour 10-58100 8-ply Flexogen Hose

The Gilmour Flexogen hose comes in a variety of lengths, ranging from 25 feet to as long as 100 feet. The price ranges from approximately $18 to $40. Built to withstand extreme temperatures, the hose is flexible even at sub-zero temps. Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime-replacement guarantee.

2) GARDENA 1973 Aquazoom 2700-Square Foot Oscillating Sprinkler

The Gardena 1973 Aquazoom 2,700-square foot oscillating sprinkler comes with an adjustable width of spray ranging from 12 to 46 feet, and an adjustable length of spray from 23 to 59 feet. Included is a 12 month warranty on parts and labor.

3) Dramm 12704 Revolver 9-Pattern Premium Garden Hose Nozzle, Green

The Dramm 12704 Revolver offers nine spray patterns that will help you utilize your hose for a wide range of uses. Priced at approximately $12, you also receive the a lifetime guarentee and can choose from any of the six colors that are offered.

4) Orbit 62001 Lawn and Garden Digital Watering Timer

Many cities place limits on when you can water your lawn. Where I live, you can only do it every other day and only during certain hours. Take some of the hassle out of the process with this programmable hose timer that costs less than $40.

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3 Grills to Prepare you for the Summer

What’s a backyard without a grill? People will start to spend more and more time outdoors. An easy way to entertain in the summer is to have people over for a barbecue. That’s why today we have three grills for you to chose from, so that your house will be ready for all the summer entertaining you plan on doing.

At the time this post was published, all three of the below grills come with free shipping.

1) Weber 1421001 Performer Charcoal Grill

This Weber is a perfect choice if you want to upgrade from your classic charcoal grill to something better but still keep the overall price low. As my friend once said about this grill, “I got the classic Weber…on steroids.”

At a list price of $329, this grill is an affordable alternative to some of the more high end propane grills. Since this is a charcoal grill a nice addition is the touch-and-go gas ignition system, so it still lights at the push of a button like propane grills. It also comes with two charcoal fuel holders and a charcoal storage container, as well as a total cooking area is 363 square-inches. Available in three colors: black, blue, or green.

2) Weber 6531001 Genesis E-330 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The Weber 6531001 Genesis E-330 is a high quality grill listed at $799. It’s a great choice for a mid-priced propane grill that has plenty of space to grill up food for you and your guests. The primary cooking area is 507 square inches. Also included is a 130 square-inch warming rack.

Three stainless-steel burners, an electronic ignition system, and two front locking casters are additional features. Like the charcoal Weber listed above, the Genesis E-330 is available in black, blue, or green.

3) Napoleon Prestige I Series P450RBPSS9 Liquid Propane Gas Grill with Infrared Rotisserie Burner

My third choice is surprisingly affordable considering the options out there. You can spend as little or as much as you want on a grill, but I don’t see much reason to go higher than the Napoleon Prestige I Series P450RBPSS9 listed at $1,099. This all stainless steel propane grill comes with “the President’s” limited lifetime warranty (check details before purchasing!) which they claim is the industry’s best.

With three 304 stainless steel tube burners and an infrared rotisserie burner, this grill has the capacity and quality you are looking for in a $1,000+ grill. There are also additional add-ons like the Napoleon charcoal tray and the Napoleon Smoker Pipe that can add diversity to your grill.

Anyone else have spring fever? I know I do. Expect a lot of posts in the coming week and month to be outdoors related.

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One for the kids: 15 ft. Zupapa Trampoline

Over the past week we have been adding more and more to your outdoor entertainment empire, and today we have an absolutely essential piece to any great backyard: the Zupapa 15′ ft. trampoline with net enclosure and free safety pad/ladder combo!

If you have kids, a trampoline is an absolute must. The more “toys” you can have in the backyard, the easier it is to get kids off the couch and away from the tv and video games. If you plan on using this trampoline for 5-10+ years, it’s easy to justify the $529.99 price tag.

The only thing that looks like a pain is the setup. If you do end up purchasing this trampoline (or any trampoline) I do not envy you for having to deal with the setup, though I do envy you for having a trampoline, of course 😉

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A little outdoor ping pong?

Now that you are all set up with your bonfire pit and outdoor furniture, why not add a fun game to your outdoor setup? I’ve got just the thing with the Stiga Baja Climate Series outdoor table tennis table. At about $800 this table is a reasonable price for a sturdy ping pong table built for the outdoors.

While I have some friends who just stick their indoor table outside during the summer, exposing it to the elements can easily damage an indoor table. The build of outdoor tables are made specifically to stand up to the weather, whatever climate you may live in. Ping pong is fine inside but nothing compares to playing outside on a warm summer evening.

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Premium Outdoor Furniture

Continuing our theme of enjoying the outdoors (and of course, making your house awesome) I just had to write a post about the Ohana outdoor wicker sofa/sectional furniture set. This is an 8 piece set that comes with a “free” cover. At $1,799 The price isn’t for the faint of heart, but on the bright side this is apparently a markdown from almost $4k.

Most will agree that this furniture set is beautiful, but other pros include the lightweight aluminum frame and the many different configurations you can make out of the 8 pieces.

Delivery within 2 to 3 weeks, so plan ahead if you want to take full advantage this summer.

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Hoop it up

A basketball hoop can provide hours of entertainment for a relatively low price. That’s why today I am recommending the Lifetime complete portable basketball system, complete with the shatter guard backboard. The cost? Just $191.99. This hoop comes with a lifetime warranty (as described in the purchase), and has been a reliable brand for many years.

If you have more money to invest in a hoop, the Goalrilla GLR GS 54 Basketball System is the way to go. I have a neighbor whose family is very into basketball and invested in a Goalrilla. They are incredibly happy with the purchase and have spent countless hours using it. The cost will be close to $1,000, so you may want to go with the Lifetime hoop and spend the difference elsewhere if you are unsure of whether you will use the hoop enough to justify the $1k price tag.

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Fire: Part 2

Yesterday I posted about bonfire pits and today I have a few more products that will truly make your bonfire a hit with your friends and family.

My friends and I love having bonfires throughout the Spring/Summer/Fall. One thing that really makes bonfires great is what we like to call a “pudgie pie.” Formally called a “square pie iron,” this product can be used to make a number of delicious treats.

First, take two pieces of bread and cover one side with butter. Put these two buttered sides against the iron. Inside you can put basically anything you want. For a true pudgie pie, put pizza sauce, cheese, and whatever toppings you want. You can also use pie filling. Put the pie iron in the fire for a couple minutes and you’re good to go.

Another tool you can use to spice up your bonfire is popcorn over the fire. At just $17, the Great Northern popcorn pit popper is an inexpensive addition to your bonfire setup. The big selling point on this product is that it eliminates the “burnt knuckles” issue that happens when using most stovetop popcorn poppers.

Last but not least is the most obvious and traditional bonfire tool, a set of 9 forks for marshmallows and hot dogs. A bonfire isn’t complete without s’mores, right? Also note the impressive 4.9 out of 5 rating from the product reviews.

Here’s to many, many great bonfires, and to your house being just a little more awesome 😉

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