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One for the kids: 15 ft. Zupapa Trampoline

Over the past week we have been adding more and more to your outdoor entertainment empire, and today we have an absolutely essential piece to any great backyard: the Zupapa 15′ ft. trampoline with net enclosure and free safety pad/ladder combo!

If you have kids, a trampoline is an absolute must. The more “toys” you can have in the backyard, the easier it is to get kids off the couch and away from the tv and video games. If you plan on using this trampoline for 5-10+ years, it’s easy to justify the $529.99 price tag.

The only thing that looks like a pain is the setup. If you do end up purchasing this trampoline (or any trampoline) I do not envy you for having to deal with the setup, though I do envy you for having a trampoline, of course 😉

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A little outdoor ping pong?

Now that you are all set up with your bonfire pit and outdoor furniture, why not add a fun game to your outdoor setup? I’ve got just the thing with the Stiga Baja Climate Series outdoor table tennis table. At about $800 this table is a reasonable price for a sturdy ping pong table built for the outdoors.

While I have some friends who just stick their indoor table outside during the summer, exposing it to the elements can easily damage an indoor table. The build of outdoor tables are made specifically to stand up to the weather, whatever climate you may live in. Ping pong is fine inside but nothing compares to playing outside on a warm summer evening.

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