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Fire: Part 2

Yesterday I posted about bonfire pits and today I have a few more products that will truly make your bonfire a hit with your friends and family.

My friends and I love having bonfires throughout the Spring/Summer/Fall. One thing that really makes bonfires great is what we like to call a “pudgie pie.” Formally called a “square pie iron,” this product can be used to make a number of delicious treats.

First, take two pieces of bread and cover one side with butter. Put these two buttered sides against the iron. Inside you can put basically anything you want. For a true pudgie pie, put pizza sauce, cheese, and whatever toppings you want. You can also use pie filling. Put the pie iron in the fire for a couple minutes and you’re good to go.

Another tool you can use to spice up your bonfire is popcorn over the fire. At just $17, the Great Northern popcorn pit popper is an inexpensive addition to your bonfire setup. The big selling point on this product is that it eliminates the “burnt knuckles” issue that happens when using most stovetop popcorn poppers.

Last but not least is the most obvious and traditional bonfire tool, a set of 9 forks for marshmallows and hot dogs. A bonfire isn’t complete without s’mores, right? Also note the impressive 4.9 out of 5 rating from the product reviews.

Here’s to many, many great bonfires, and to your house being just a little more awesome 😉

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Make Soda at Home

Walking through Target today my wife and I spotted something that we had registered for but unfortunately did not receive as a wedding gift. I actually have not met anyone who owns one of these yet, but from what I’ve heard they are pretty cool.

If the title of the post didn’t already tip you off, I’m talking about the one and only Sodastream:

After 340 reviews on Amazon, this product has a 3.9 rating. It’s healthier than your typical soda found on store shelves, as it contains no high fructose corn syrup or aspartame.

Another cool thing about this product is that it requires no electricity or batteries, so take it with you on that camping trip!

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